Binyamina Winery

Tradition and excellence


Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Binyamina, in buildings that go back a 100 years, the winery, established by Baron Rothschild is home to some of the finest wines of Israel.
Offering a wide range of kosher and vegan-friendly premium wines, Binyamina Winery is one of Israel’s most celebrated wineries.

Here in Binyamina, more than 70 years of tradition and wine heritage, are being fused with modern technology and global trends, to produce wines that are made with pride. As the winery’s motto says: “We create wine with love, for people who love wine”


Israeli Wine Producers Association

The Israeli Wine Producers Association (IWPA) was established in 2011 to unify the leading Israeli wineries in a concerted effort to promote Israel as an exciting, emerging wine region. The IWPA positions these fine Israeli wines as an essential category to be included in all fine wine retail outlets and restaurants. Israeli wineries take the country’s ancient history and blend it with the most modern technology to produce some of the finest wines available and become one of the fastest-growing winemaking regions in the world.