Tel Aviv-inspired fine dinning, wine, art and music

The Project

Tel Aviv is famous for its artistic vibe, its sandy white city-side beaches, fascinating neighborhoods and thriving nightlife. But in recent years, the city of Tel Aviv is also one of the world’s most thriving and growing culinary hubs. The Israeli cuisine has become one of the trendiest in the world in recent years, and Israeli restaurants keep opening up in major food capitals. Tel Aviv is the culinary capital of Israel, and the city’s restaurant scene keeps evolving, changing and developing, turning Tel Aviv into a magnet for foodies from around the world. Now, we are bringing the innovative and delicious cuisine of Tel Aviv, to the USA – again. Tel Aviv Groove – a line of pop-up culinary events, offer Tel Aviv-inspired fine dining, excellent wines, art and music, which bring the Groove of the city closer to you. The launch occasion took place in Los Angeles on October 2022. The event was so successful, that we have received enormous compliments from foodies, the Jewish community, food critics and the international media. Since the success was so great, we’ve decided to carry on the tradition in the future, and as of February 2023, we will celebrate again with a series of Tel Aviv Groove events in New York and Los Angeles. The events will include Tel Aviv inspired gourmet dinners accompanied by the best Israeli wines from the renowned Binyamina Winery, Ptora’s high-quality and award-winning olive oils, video-art displays, wine tastings and much more.


The people behind the project

The initiator and manager: Orly Segal, is owner and manager of a leading Israeli PR company, specializing in the culinary arts and hospitality. Orly has a vast experience in the international and Israeli culinary fields. She represents top chefs, luxury hotels, wineries, food and wine festivals, and more.
She also develops content and concepts for culinary businesses and produces online series and books, in the culinary and life-style fields.